Garden Produce

The new Spring 2018 produce is now available to purchase from our organic garden.

Boxes are available on a once-off or weekly basis and can be made up to value of eg. €10, €20 or €30.

A sample €10 box would include 1kg of potatoes, 3 leeks, bag of mixed salad and some apples.

We currently have the following available from the garden. All produce is seasonal and certified organic.

Apples | Bay leaf | Celery (limited stock) | Chard | Herbs (parsley, coriander, thyme, sage, rosemary and cherval) |
Jerusalem Artichoke | Leeks | Lettuce | Mustard | Oriental leaves (selection) | Potatoes | Rocket |
Spinach | Three-cornered leek (Allium triquetrum) | Winter purslane (very high in omega-3’s!)

To place an order, please contact the team on [email protected] or 041 98 27572 (Mon-Wed).












We also provide food to the Dublin Co-Op to provide wholesome, nutritious food and ecologically acceptable products and services to its members, in accordance with the following values:

  • To deal in organically grown food which is Irish-produced where possible
  • To discriminate in favour of ecologically acceptable products and not to deal in meat or meat products
  • To promote the rational use of the earth’s resources and in particular to promote the use of ecologically acceptable packaging
  • To discriminate positively in favor of countries which uphold basic human rights, when importing wholefoods
  • To supply wholefoods to members at the wholesale or supplier cost plus the minimum margin necessary to cover the Society’s operating expenses and the need for financial reserves
  • To make shopping a convivial, community experience
  • To promote co-operation and co-operatives
  • To promote consumer food co-operatives as an important means of building a locally integrated organic food economy
  • To encourage the use of the Irish language in social and economic relationships and to promote Irish culture where possible