Organic Garden

Sonairte’s walled garden sits on the south facing bank of the Nanny River estuary in Co Meath.

Dating back to the mid 1800’s the 1.8 acre garden underwent extensive renovations in the 1990’s.

Since then the garden has become one of the few working/educational gardens with public access in Ireland.

The garden operates under strict organic principles and is certified by The Organic Trust to produce organic fruit, vegetables, plant material and flowers.

We employ one full-time horticulturist and depend on a dedicated team of volunteers and community workers to maintain the garden and to help plant, pack and harvest our produce.

The garden is funded solely by the selling of our produce and plants, which can be bought onsite or at the Drogheda Cottage Market once a month.

As an educational garden we provide an invaluable resource for visiting primary, secondary and PLC students, some of whom elect to spend time working in the garden to gain work experience as part of their education.

Our cropping system runs on a 4 year rotational basis ensuring no one vegetable crop is grown in the same piece of ground for at least 4 years. This fundamental rule of organic production helps to combat pest and disease build up, depletion of nutrients in the soil and soil degradation.

Thank you for visiting Sonairte’s organic walled garden.

Please be mindful that we are a self-funded working garden and our plants are a precious resource.

Respectfully yours

The Sonairte Garden Team