Sonairte provides a wide range of courses for teachers, parents and community leaders who wish to set up gardens. Our trainers can assist you to set up your own vegetable beds in a simple manner that fits in with location, skills and learning objectives. We can help with the practicalities of seed sowing and planting out, to ongoing maintenance and pest control. We can also help with advice on the future development and direction of your garden, and how to make garden management an integral part of your school or community.


SEED (School Earth Education)

In 2010 Sonairte joined forces with;

  • The Organic Centre
  • Irish Seed Savers
  • Kerry Earth Education
  • The Wexford Organic Centre
  • Nano Nangle
  • Blackrock Education Centre
  • Marino Institute

and have sown SEED, the first national network of organic centres to provide a service in establishing organic gardens in schools.

Our Aims

Establishing living classrooms in every school to demonstrate that school gardens have unlimited cross curricular potential, particularly tying in with SESE, SPHE, Art, Languages, History and Maths.

Our Services

For Schools:

  • Site Assessment, Garden plan design, Creating the garden.
  • Practical gardening sessions with children e.g. sowing and planting native hedgerows, ponds, wildlife gardening etc.
  • Compost workshops.
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ courses.
  • The Heritage in Schools programme.
  • On site educational school tours and workshops.

Our experienced team of school gardeners can assist schools, teachers and parents to establish, run and maintain organic gardens in schools.

More Information

For fees and a detailed programme email: [email protected] or call our office  on 041 982 7572.