Education & Tours

At Sonairte we work with groups from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, including pre-schools, primary schools, post primary schools, third level institutions, tour groups and youth groups.

We also provide facilities and programmes for the general public,community groups and interested individuals. Our courses aim to provide information, education and practical skills on a range of topics, such as biodiversity, organic gardening and sustainable living. Our approach is holistic, and with small numbers on each course, learner focused.

Many groups such as scouts, guides and youth clubs visit Sonairte each year to experience for themselves the award winning river and nature trail where activities such as scavenger hunts and ecology orienteering activities keep everyone active.

One of our most popular programmes is the Sonairte tour which is aimed at 8-12 year olds. The day comprises of fully guided nature activities such as live capture and release of small mammals, pond dipping, scavenger hunts, bird watching, mini beast hunt and many exciting games. Activities may last from 2 hours to a fully packed day, each programme can be customised to suit the group. The main aim is to have lots of fun, while learning all about nature and ecology.

We evaluate each of our courses and programmes to ensure that participants are satisfied with their learning experience, and to incorporate ongoing improvements. We also welcome suggestions and facilitate requests to meet the specific needs of groups.