Sonairte [pronounced SON-ART-A] is an interactive visitor centre promoting ecological awareness and sustainable living. The name Sonairte is derived from a middle Irish word meaning “positive strength”.

Sonairte was established as a charity in 1988 by members of the local community and concerned environmentalists to promote environmental awareness and education. The founders drew inspiration from organisations such as the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, the HDRA (now Garden Organic) in the UK and the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia, and from activists such as Fernando Pereira after whom a courtyard is named. Sonairte has been certified as an organic food producer with the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association since 1988 and subsequently by Irish Organic Trust, and has been teaching organic horticulture and providing courses in various aspects of environmental education ever since.

Sonairte, which is situated in a farm complex of noteworthy historical interest on the banks of the River Nanny near Laytown (Co. Meath), has developed steadily since it was originally established, in terms of both its physical facilities and its standing as an environmental organisation, visitor attraction and educational facility. The site, which now covers some ten acres, is held under long term lease. In all aspects of renovation, care was taken to stay true to the green philosophy of the centre, particularly in the choice of building material and use of renewable energy and energy conservation. 

Sonairte is a registered charity and welcomes tax efficient gifts.

Our Vision: to be a community hub enabling people to live more sustainably to address the twin environmental crises the world currently faces – the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis.
Our Mission: to be an educational centre which will protect and
increase understanding of the natural environment, and will educate the public
and schools in ways of conserving the environment.

Our Charitable Purpose:

– to provide education in all aspects of ecology

– to promote sustainable living through learning and cooperation

– to promote sustainable development

– to promote organic, ecological and sustainable farming practices

– to promote environmental awareness and nature conservation

– to promote appropriate and sustainable technologies

– to promote the use of genuinely renewable resources

– to promote intercultural exchange

– to promote reconciliation

– to promote fair trade

Our Values:

Our Values are respect for the environment, living creatures and ecosystems, just transition, and evidencebased/science-based action including life-long learning and global citizenship

We are a company limited by guarantee (a not-for-profit company) sustained by earned income, donations and grants. We are registered with the Companies Office in Dublin (No.138413) and file annual returns and audited accounts. We are a registered charity (No. 2022297) and comply with the Charities Governance Code. Our accounts are audited and comply with FRS102, we will strive to ensure our accounts from 2022 will comply with SORP.