National Heritage Week 2018

Our storyteller Dominic was a huge hit on the day


AUGUST 18th 2018


We had a wonderful time at our Heritage day here in Sonairte.

This year’s theme for heritage week was storytelling and there is no one like Dominic Gryson for spinning a good yarn. Dominic took to the role like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Complete with Stetson hat, make shift shillelagh and wellies. From the very beginning he beguiled the young, the old and the new Irish with stories and antidotes on each tree and shrub as they appeared on his journey along the nature trail. He spoke of all the common trees their practical uses and folklore in a highly enlightened and amusing manner. Welcomed comments from the group and allowing them time to get stuck into shaping how they understand the Native trees and to contribute. Even to the extent of protecting the children from a wasp’s nest on the trail and giving a detailed description of the life cycle of the wasp. Dominic is a terrific find for Sonairte and I hope in the future we will have many more opportunities to engage with him.

A huge thank you to all who helped make it a success:

Zaneta for her foraging walk, guiding everyone in all things edible.

Rita O’Sullivan for her bird watching.

Pat Wogan for bringing his honey bees.

Jeanne Sampier for giving her wild bee presentation,

and helping children understand how important bees are.