Apple Festival

Sonairte ÚLLA (Apple) Festival
Saturday 20th Oct 1PM-5PM
Free Event

 Our aim is to celebrate the apple and all the wonderful food and drink that we can make from it. In particular, we want to promote the Irish apple. Sonairte has 32 varieties, some quite rare, and we want to encourage people of all nationalities to share with us their ideas and recipes so we can take a fresh look at this simple fruit.  In promoting the well-known fruit, we want to work towards sharing our knowledge of this fruit and its uses throughout the ages taking advantage of all the new information and share what we know with both those established communities and people who are new to our communities and happy to share their knowledge and their culture with us.

The humble but extremely versatile Irish apple has been at the heart of many an Irish Kitchen for generations and this year we will celebrate it with the Sonairte Apple Contest. Our aim is to discover the different recipes and traditional uses of the humble apple. Ireland is now quite diverse having provided a welcome to families from many countries. Now is the time to step up to the challenge and produce what you consider to be the best dish, be it a recipe from your grandmother in Estonia, an old family recipe from outer Mongolia, or a traditional recipe from any of the Four Provinces in Ireland.  The time has come for all the people of Ireland, newcomers and long established alike, to step up to the mark and prove that their creation is supreme champion. Who will have the best apple bake in Ireland in 2018.


    1. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed Entry Form.
    2. Entries must be turned in 1.30 -2pm on Saturday.
    3. Filling is to be predominantly apple and home-made.
    4. The Pie Contest will be judged at 3:30pm.


















Apple Bake Contest

Apple Pressing

Apple Juicing


Come and see our Apple Pressing demonstration and taste freshly pressed apple juice