School Tours

Woodland Wild: Primary School Tours at Sonairte

Funded by Irish Aid’s WorldWise Global Schools

Nature Connection Primary School Tours  – full of fun and wonder in Sonairte’s magical garden, woodland and river trail.
Children gain insights into their abilities and themselves through the fun exploration of their senses in nature.
We aim to have Fun with a capital F!!
Nature games include fun with mud, bird language, wildlife tracking, music and rhythm, scavenger hunt, tree and herb identification, hug a tree, nature art, plant lore, web of life, nature appreciation, mini beast exploration, camouflage, hide and seek,  mini shelters, native animals, running, jumping, storytelling,
3 hour tour: generally 10.30-1.30pm. Contact us for dates.
€10 per child, teachers and parents free. 
For further details, please call Nicola Winters 087 293 7884 or email

Learn through fun on our school tours

Learn through fun on our school tours!